Enclosure at Newland's FarmTwo enclosures of unknown date have been found in Dunton, one at Clover Ground Field and one at Newland’s Farm. They may date to the prehistoric or Roman periods. No prehistoric artefacts have been reported from the parish but Roman pottery has been found in the early twentieth century and more recently in several ploughed fields and there is a Roman road running through the parish.

Medieval village earthworks near the churchSt Martin's church is the oldest surviving building in the parish, with a twelfth century nave, thirteenth century chancel and tower and was restored and given a new roof in the eighteenth to nineteenth century. Possible medieval house platforms, indicative of a larger medieval village, have been seen on aerial photographs west of the church. A post-medieval enclosure with associated fishpond has been seen on aerial photographs to the north-east of the church. There are historical records and, of course, place-name evidence of medieval to post-medieval windmills at Windmill Hill.

The listed buildings in the parish date from the sixteenth century, with the Manor House, to the eighteenth to nineteenth centuries at The Old Rectory and Manor Farm. A timber-framed barn at the Manor House dates to the eighteenth century. One barn at Blackland Farm is marked on a nineteenth century map but has now disappeared.