Deserted medieval villages


During and after the medieval period several villages were deserted in Buckinghamshire and around the country. Many villages have also subsequently shrunk. Can you think of any reasons why a village would shrink or disappear? 


Do a search on Buckinghamshire's Heritage Portal to find all the deserted or shrunken settlements in Buckinghamshire. Mark them on the map of deserted medieval villages in Buckinghamshire that your teacher gives you.


Quarrendon I deserted medieval villageThere is one area where there are three deserted villages within a very small area just to the north of Aylesbury. They are called Quarrendon I, II and III. Follow the links to read up what it says about them on Buckinghamshire's Heritage Portal. 


Reconstruct a medieval village

Using what you have read about Quarrendon I, II and III and the extra information your teacher gives you, including maps, plans and pictures, try to work out what these sites looked like. You will be divided into three groups, one to look at each site. You will have to discuss amongst yourselves what you think each piece of evidence tells you about the site and work out where the houses, streets and fields were. When you have agreed on what you think it looked like you can start to draw how you think it would have looked. 


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