Discover newly created HER records

Part of what we do is to maintain and enhance the Historic Environment Record with new and updated information. Back in the summer, the UK Pillbox Study Group supplied us with an updated record of modern defence sites within Buckinghamshire. This included over 100 records for new sites and updates to existing records.  

What has been added? The new records include pillbox locations, blast shelters, battle headquarters, and mortar and gun emplacements. Many of the new sites relate to airfields and help to identify the vast area that associated military buildings covered. See this example of a Stanton shelter to the south of Westcott Airfield 0660600006.  

One interesting new record was the discovery of the location of a concrete base of a spigot mortar emplacement, 15090, located to the south of Amersham. What makes this discovery interesting is the fact that it was hidden in plain sight.

Another exciting area of new information relates to Chequers. Here, the locations of 8 Bofors gun emplacements, located to defend Chequers, the country home of British Prime Ministers, were identified. Although all have now been removed, two examples of the locations are 15096 15098.

Oakley airfield