2 How to get involved in archaeology

This section of the website gives advice on how to become involved in archaeology. Don’t worry if you have never had experience of archaeological work, there are plenty of ways to get started. Since archaeology is very varied, it is likely that something you have studied or experienced will be relevant. People from different backgrounds bring new perspectives with them that enrich archaeology.


Archaeology is not all about excavation. There are many things archaeologists do apart from excavating. In professional archaeology only a small proportion of all archaeologists work full time in excavation. Other jobs include analysing historic maps and documents for clues about the landscape, doing surveys of earthworks and buildings, analysing and conserving artefacts found during excavation and writing up sites for publication amongst others. So if you're interested but are not keen to dig just yet, there are plenty of things you can try out.

Feeding your interest

If you're interested in archaeology but don't know much about it, follow these links below to find out more:

Taking it further

If you have an avid interest in archaeology, have read magazines and books and watch all the television programmes, perhaps now is the time to get out there and get involved! Follow these links below for some help finding ways to get involved:

Going the extra mile

Perhaps you are interested in a specific place that doesn't have its own archaeological society and want to set one up, or you are a member of an existing group that wants to get into archaeology. If so, follow these links below for more information:

If you get involved and do your own investigations, remember to report your discoveries to the Historic Environment Record using our online feedback form.