Dashwood Mausoleum on Church Hill, West WycombeA mausoleum is a building, usually square, rectangular, circular, or pyramidal, designed to house the remains of an individual or group of people (usually a family). There is provision within or beneath the structure to accommodate the bodies of the dead. These buildings often contain monuments in commemoration of those buried within, along with religious and/or secular statues. A mausoleum may be found attached to a parish church or other structure. More rarely, a mausoleum and parish church may form one building (eg. Milton, Nottinghamshire). Mausolea are sometimes found in association with large country houses.


One mausoleum in Buckinghamshire is attached to a churchyard is on Church Hill, West Wycombe. This is also associated with the nearby West Wycombe House, and houses members of the Dashwood family. Other mausolea in Buckinghamshire are attached to large houses, such as the Freeman mausoleum at Fawley Court.