Advice on conservation

Iron Age mirror from Dorton before conservationArtefact conservation

The Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies has advice on conservation of paper archives on its website.


The Buckinghamshire County Museum provides a conservation service concerned with conservation of artefacts and information.


Iron Age mirror from Dorton after conservationMonument and landscape conservation

Archaeological conservation advice, for instance for landowners who have archaeological monuments on their land is on the County Archaeological Service website.


Archaeological notification areas, that are zones within which planning applications are automatically referred to the County Archaeological Service for comment. More information and links to maps can also be found on the County Archaeological Service website.

Medmenham hillfort

Building conservation

The District Councils have a duty to manage Conservation Areas in Buckinghamshire. English Heritage manages a Buildings at Risk register for all Grade I and Grade II* buildings in need of restoration. This can be found on the English Heritage website. Save Britain’s Heritage keeps a register of Grade II listed buildings in need of restoration.


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