A pottery decoration in which the whole surface of the pot is covered with impressions made with a stick, finger tips or the like. Sherds of Early Bronze Age Beaker pottery found in the excavation of a barrow on Lodge Hill, Saunderton have rusticated decoration.


Rusticated building in AylesburyIt is also used as an architectural term. It means an exaggerated treatment of masonry to give an effect of strength. The joints between stones are usually recessed, by chamfering or channelling. The faces of the stones may be flat, but can be diamond-faced, like shallow pyramids, with a stylized texture like worm-casts, or glacial, like icicles or stalactites (also called frost-work). Rusticated columns may have their shafts treated in any of these ways. Several buildings have been treated in this way in Buckinghamshire, including garden buildings such as the Queen's Temple in Stowe landscaped gardens as well as domestic buildings, such as 1 Castle Street, Aylesbury, which has rusticated quoins (corner stones).