Julia Wise - Celebrating 25 Years!

On October 17th 2019 the Buckinghamshire Archaeology Team celebrated Julia Wise’s 25th anniversary at the council.

Following three years as HER Assistant at Lincolnshire County Council, Julia moved to Buckinghamshire County Council in 1994 to take on the post of HER Officer. Originally based at Halton, the HER was part of the County Council’s Museum Service, along with the County Archaeologist and the Council fieldwork team.

Museum Service Team 1995

Museum Service Team 1995

Following funding cuts, the field team disbanded in 1998 and the HER and the planning archaeologist were moved to the planning department. Leaving their original home in Halton, the team moved to Annex A in the Old County Offices in 1999. The final move into New County Offices came in 2012, where you can still find Julia and the archaeology team ensconced on the 6th floor!

This archaeology themed cake was made to celebrate Julia’s 25 years, the story of commercial archaeology in one cake!