Medieval buildings

Cruck-built timber-framed house, called Brooke's Farmhouse, in SwanbourneBy the medieval period villages were much more established. The Norman invasion of England in 1066 did not change the pattern of villages and hamlets that was established in the later Saxon period. Saxon houses did not survive very well, though. There are no surviving Saxon houses in Buckinghamshire. But there are surviving medieval houses.


Medieval houses in your village or town

Apart from the church, there may be some medieval buildings in your town or village. Do a search on Buckinghamshire's Heritage Portal for medieval houses in your town or village and answer these questions:

  1. What date are the majority of the medieval houses in your town or village?
  2. Where are they? Press the Map the results button to display your results on a map of your area.
  3. What are the medieval buildings made out of?

Now do a search for all the medieval houses in Buckinghamshire on Buckinghamshire's Heritage Portal and answer these questions:

  1. Where is the oldest house still standing?
  2. Grove Farmhouse, adapted from a medieval chapel, in Ashley GreenWhere are the majority of medieval buildings in Buckinghamshire? Again, press the Map the results button to display all the houses on a map of Buckinghamshire or look at the map of medieval buildings attached to this page.
  3. Why do you think that there are concentrations of surviving medieval buildings in certain areas and not others?

Mark the specific medieval buildings you have found on map of medieval buildings in Buckinghamshire attached to this page. Some of the houses have pictures attached to them. Print out these pictures too.



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