Resident's survey



Do a survey with a group of your classmates of the residents of a particular area about what they like about their area and what could be improved. Get answers to the following questions and any others you think are important or are particularly applicable to your area.


The first few questions get some information on the residents so you can match certain views with types of people. For instance, the younger residents may think one area is too quiet while older people like it the way it is.




What is your age?


How long have you lived in the area?


What is your occupation?


Do you have family within the village/town?


Do you have family within one of the neighbouring villages/towns?


Are you a homeowner or tenant?


Is the public transport satisfactory?


Is the area too busy or too quiet?


Are the amenities satisfactory?


Are there enough green spaces?


Are there any particular beauty spots within the village/ town?


Are there any areas that could do with improvement within the village/town?


What is the best view within, towards or out of the village/town?


What do you value most about living here?



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