Giving advice on a planning application

Choose a site near you or one you have studied in depth and imagine there was a planning application to build houses there. Look on the Unlocking Buckinghamshire's Past website for any archaeological remains in the area. You have to decide:

  • where to put the houses and where not to put them
  • what to call the roads they will be built on
  • what layout the development should be
  • what other amenities need to be built
  • where the amenities should go and what they would look like
  • what needs to be done to protect the village/town or archaeological site but still allow access
  • Also think about the uses the historic environment could have in the new community.

Do a plan of where you would put 3000 houses taking into account all the aspects of the development above. Write a report to go with it suggesting how to protect and provide better access and interpretation of the historic and natural environment and any other ideas you have.


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