Draw a reconstruction


You will be asked to draw reconstructions for the period you are researching. Whichever period this is, here are some guidelines:


  • Reconstruction of Saxon site at WaltonIf you can, research:
    Type of building materials in use for walls, roof, windows etc...
    Ground plan
    What people wore (if you want to add a few people into your scene too)
    What type of farming people did (if you want to add fields/ploughing/animals)


  • Use as many forms of evidence as possible including:
    Archaeological site plans
    Survey plans
    Aerial photographs
    Photographs from the ground
    Evidence from other reconstructed sites
    Evidence of similar structures from around the world
    Written evidence

You will be able to find this type of evidence on the Unlocking Buckinghamshire's Past website and elsewhere on the internet. Using all this evidence, you will be able to reconstruct a house or a village.


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